Lesson 1

Урок 2

—-The Sentence:

There are four kinds of sentences in Kurmanji:
1-Declarative or Assertive Sentence: is a sentence that makes a statement or assertions; as,

I am eating the meal = Ez ye^ nan y di xuom
2-Interrogative Sentence: is a sentence that asks a question; as,

Where do you live = Tu li ke^re^ di jy?
3-Imperative Sentence: is that which expresses a command or an entreaty; as,

Eat the bread = Tu nan y bi xuo
4-Exclamatory Sentence: is that which expresses strong feeling; as,

How very tired I feel! = Ez c,end ye^ mandy(ke^fila) me!

— Subject:

In Kurmanji, the subject comes first, but occasionally it is put after the predicate to emphasize the later; as,

I am ill = Ez ye^ nexas, im.
I ate the meal = Min nan xuard

The subject may left be out sometimes.

(You) eat the meal = (Tu) nan y bi xuo

— The Phrase and the clause:

The phrase: a group of words which make sense, but not complete sense as the sentence does; as,

The sun sets in the west = Roj ava di bi^t li Ro-ava (ava)’e^
‘in the west’ = ‘li Ro-ava’e^’ is a phrase.

The clause: is a group of words which contains a subject, and a predicate; as,

I think that you have broken a promise
= Pi min were, kue te jivan yek ye^ bizdandy.

— Parts of Speech:

* Noun : Nav

Michael is a good boy = Mi^kae^l kurh yek ye^ bas, e

* Adjective : Renge^r; S,i^ve; Awa

He is a good boy = Ew kurh yek ye^ bas, e

* Pronoun : Bonav; Pronav; Bernav

Zaradasht is not here, because he is ill
= Zerdes,t live^re ny’e, c,unky ew ye^ nexas, e

* Verb : Le^ker; Kirdin; Kiryar

Norwich is a a fine city = Norwich baje^r yeke^ cuan e

* Adverb : Te^debu^on; Peskin; Hoker

I came down quickly = Ez hatim bi lez

* Preposition : Dac,ek; Pe^c,i^n

There is a dog in the garden = Seg yeke^ li nav rez y

* Conjuction : Te^gir; Gihanek; Nu^sek

Muhammad and Zara are brothers = Memed u Zara bira ne

* Interjection : Demary; Banes,an

Hurrah! I have won the game = Hey! Mingeme ya birdy

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